The Most Experienced Equine Dentist In The United Kingdom

As a horse trainer you are looking to get the best performance from your horses. You have the best training facilities, nutritionists, vets, farriers, equine physios and jockeys so you need to have the best equine dentist.

Your Equine Dentist should be the best

Gary Khakhian has over 25 years of experience in equine dentistry and has an impressive CV:

  • has held the DEVRA/RCVS category 2 qualification since its inception.
  • is a lead examiner for DEFRA/RCVS Category 2 Equine Dentistry Exams.
  • The only recognised equine dentistry qualification in the UK.
  • has trained many veterinarians in equine dentistry including the current BEVA President
  • has delivered training at a number of BEVA colleges for “soon-to-be-qualified” vets
  • has looked after many top horses including:
    Frankel, Workforce, Russian Rhythm, Singspiel and many more…
  • is currently working with BEVA, RCVS, BVDA and DEFRA to help shape equine dentistry in the UK

Experience And Industry Approved

Gary has the expertise that you need to ensure that your horses are performing at their best. Gary has worked in the racing environment for many years and has an innate understanding of what may affect thoroughbreds, how to treat those conditions and to more importantly how to manage their mouths to ensure that it is not something that ever needs to concern you as a trainer.

Gary also provides equine dentistry services to a number of veterinary practices because of the vast experience that he has with equine dental conditions. There is nobody in the UK that has more experience or is better qualified than Gary and you can reap the benefit of that knowledge and experience by getting in touch.

You give your horses the best of everything, so why not give the best equine dental care available.

Some of the horses serviced by Gary Khakhian M/EqD