About Gary

Experience Equine Dentist

Gary is one of the most experienced equine dentists in the world. Gary began in horse dentistry approximately 15 years ago. He originally trained in the USA along with a few other dentists that believed in the need for higher standards for equine dentistry. Gary was unhappy with the dilution of the dentistry profession standards that was occurring, and felt that there was a need for an organisation that would define the highest standards for dentistry, and ensure that those standards did not lower. Along with a Canadian equine dentist, Todd Williams, who had the same beliefs as Gary, they formed the Worldwide Association of Equine Dentistry (WWAED).

The WWAED has maintained the high standards that Gary wished for and has now received approval from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to run a training course that is an alternative to the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) training course, to provide a standard of competency for equine dentists in the UK. This is a remarkable achievement and is a testament to the high standards that not only Gary but all WWAED members perform to. Gary is also the association’s lead examiner for the DEFRA & RCVS Approved Level 2 examination as well as for the Entrance Examination to the association.

Gary Khakhian M/EqD

Gary has a wide range of customers that include top competition riders, from the worlds of dressage, eventing, show-jumping, racing and endurance. Gary also has customers from the Western community, polo clubs, equine charities and sanctuaries as well as a large clientele from leisure owners.

Workforce winning the 2010 Epsom DerbyAs mentioned, Gary looks after many of the Thoroughbreds in the racing industry and has attained more knowledge on teeth in young horses than almost any other dentist around. Gary looks after the 2010 Derby winner, Workforce, and would like to think that Workforce’s teeth played a big part in his fantastic winning run!

Gary also lectures on equine dentistry and presents to wide ranging audiences including, soon-to-be qualified vets at the Cambridge Veterinary College, the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) and to groups of horse owners that would like to know a little more about their horses. (If you are interested in a presentation from Gary, feel free to email him to discuss your requirements further)

Regardless of the number of high profile horses that Gary looks after, he is just as happy looking after horses that are just for hacking or companions. Gary’s attitude is to make life as happy as possible for all horses. It doesn’t matter if your horse is not the most expensive, well-bred horse in town, it is still a living creature and deserves the same care as as its expensive brothers and sisters.